“Food is the most primitive form of comfort “-

Sheila Graham

Food is not just a daily chore we do to merely satisfy our physiological need to eat but also to satisfy the cravings of our soul. From a very early age we all have associated eating with comfort and feel calm and peaceful after a good meal.

For a good meal we don’t only need good culinary skills and ingredients for the food but also a good sturdy stove that can do justice to our cooking skills.

Types of stoves

  • 1 burner – gas stove with one burner best for college students, hostels, bachelors
  • 2 burner- gas stove with two burner best for couples or hostel
  • 3 burner – gas stove with three burners best for a nuclear family
  • 4 burner gas stove with 4 burners best for a family with 5-6 members

Features to keep in mind before buying a stove

  • There are two types of burners – aluminum and brass. One should go for brass as the heat distribution level is evenly spread out which means the food will be prepared thoroughly and faster also its corrosion resistant.
  • If its ISI certified-products which are certified by the ISI which is the most recognize body for approval of safety in products, signifies that the following product is fit and has all the features to be deemed as safe to use.
  • Smoothness of the product
  • Affordability-it’s very important for products to be of lower price or affordable due to the large number of middle income families in India.
  • Body design –A sleek counter top is important as it doesn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also easier to clean
  • Durability- in an Indian household its most important to have a sturdy and rigid stove
  • Takes less space- another requirement that most customers in India have is to have a compact stove to save space due to small kitchen spaces.
  • Safety- if the product is accessible by all ages. If it is simple to use.

Companies that sell stoves

  1. Elica- is an Italian brand which has made a decent reputation in the Indian market over a small period of time.
  2. Pigeon- India’s largest gas stove manufacturing company.
  3. Everyday-This Company is known for delivering sturdy stoves with long term durability.
  4. Glen-One of the most famous stove company in India.
  5. Sun flame- this company was known to have the best budget stoves in 2018. Even though the prices of the stoves are low but for almost 30 years now sun flame has been providing customers with reliable products.
  6. Life long – was known to be best stove company for cheap gas stove but good quality in 2018. The company is only 3 years old and has already earned a good reputation in the market competing with other big brands.
  7. Prestige- one of India’s most used and trusted companies. Known for its sturdy, tough stoves their burners ensure uniform level of heat distribution.

Best received gas stove company in India

There are many brands with top quality burner and low prices with all the features that an Indian family requires. But out of all of them Prestige has been known to be the best received stove company in India. Prestige is most famous for their three burner gas stove. It accommodates family of four easily and due to equal and balanced heat distribution it efficiently cooks food in no time.


  • ISI marked-marked safe to use.
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong Glass Top body- said to be shock proof and doesn’t shatter on falling
  • Affordable – range from 5,000 to 21,000rs
  • Fit for Indian households
  • Great advertising and marketing
  • Spill proof- easy to clean
  • Compact- perfect size for small kitchen spaces
  • Easy to use- due to its simple design and firm grip knob
  • Durable and rigid with long term guarantee with warranty card

In the last five years prestige has made high sales with high demand, good reviews of customers but that not all it is also due to their smart marketing and advertising strategy. Prestige caught the customer’s eye with their advertisements which did away with gender stereotyping ads which most companies in India do.

Prestige has chosen the famous couple stars-

Mrs. Aishwarya Rai and Mr.Abhishek Bacchan as their brand Ambassadors. one of their most well received ads feature both the actors where they tries implying that kitchen is not only restricted to women and also by associating positive emotions by showing a real couples happy image to the audience.

It was due to the clever use of consumer psychology and a solid designing team that the company is so successful today. They have also been awarded with Master brand, Retail Excellence and power brand award.

Looking at the the features to be considered and the features of prestige we can say it is an ideal product for the customers.

Above is the poster of prestige’s new age eye catching advertising staring : Mrs.Aishwarya Rai and Mr. Abhishek Bacchan.


It’s a tough choice for stove buying customers today with company coming up with such competitive prices and features with each product. Customers usually go for Sun flame, Elica and Butterfly but Prestige is said to be the best company in India as it is a perfect fit for an Indian household- Compact, affordable, sleek, easy to use and long term use guarantee.

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