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  • Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker#2994 in All Time Favorite Games#1Captain Tsubasa II: Super Strike...Vlado's opinion: For fans of RPGs, football/soccer, manga or anime (Captain Tsubasa in particular). CTII improves drastically upon its predecessor. It is a fotball RPG and the ultimate tactical game for the NES. As a fan of the CT anime, I fell in love with the game the moment I learned how to play. When in attack, you move the player with the ball around the field and at any time you can choose whether to shoot, pass, dribble. In defence, you pick a player and try to intercept your opponent, choosing to tackle, cut a pass or block a shot. AI moves the rest of the players on the field. Not enough space to describe all gameplay aspects. Game's very challenging, but with a good difficulty curve. There is an English translation online, so check this gem out.
  • Xenogears#199 in All Time Favorite Games#2XenogearsVlado's opinion: The game that ruined all future games for me. Because I knew I'd never encounter another game with a story so good... This is an absolute must for JRPG fans. This game has everything you could look for in a JRPG, all executed on the highest level possible. The story, characters, world, atmosphere, music, are second to none. One of the qualities I appreciate the most is that dialogue with random townspeople adds a lot of depth to the story, helping you see the Xenogears world through their eyes.
  • Final Fantasy VII#7 in All Time Favorite Games#3Final Fantasy VIIVlado's opinion: Of all the games that get called "best game ever" on a regular basis, this is the one that deserves it the most. One of the best stories in gaming which adds shades of grey instead of being just the typical JRPG "good vs. evil", an excellent character cast (from which I'll highlight Tifa Lockhart - the most human-like game personality I've ever come across), gameplay that's easy to get into and a joy overall, astonishing cinematics, plenty of fun mini games, amazing soundtrack. Even the "lego" graphics used outside of battle carry a certain charm, despite looking very dated today. There's a reason why it was exactly this game that made the RPG genre popular outisde of Japan. FFVII is a game every self-respecting gamer must play.
  • Chrono Trigger#17 in All Time Favorite Games#4Chrono TriggerVlado's opinion: Dash and slash your foe, travel through a time portal, it's a Crono life.
  • Final Fantasy Tactics#94 in All Time Favorite Games#5Final Fantasy TacticsVlado's opinion: The war game... Aside from offering the best SRPG gameplay you'll find, Final Fantasy Tactics has an incredible story that is only matched by a handful of other games in history. The contrast between the two heroes in the game - Ramza and Delita, is amazing, with both of them working for the greater good, albeit through entirely different means. The portrayal of Medieval warfare, the church, and struggle for power are second to none. And there is the important point that what we read in history books is not necessarily the truth.
  • Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra#819 in All Time Favorite Games#6Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprac...Vlado's opinion: After the first two games, I was sceptical towards the Xenosaga series being a worthy successor to the masterpiece that is Xenogears, but this game fully convinced me otherwise. Due to the sad fact that, due to low sales, the hexalogy had to be cut down to a trilogy, it's three games crammed into one, and it shows. The action is non-stop. The story finds its magnificent resolution, all questions get their answers, all characters' development and backstories are completed. There are also some great additions to the cast, such as Yuriev and Sellers. The game is a bit easy compared to the first two, but there are still some challenging boss battles. The battle system returns to a more traditional route. Xenosaga is a MUST for all RPG fans.
  • Final Fantasy VI#34 in All Time Favorite Games#7Final Fantasy VI
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater#30 in All Time Favorite Games#8Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots#56 in All Time Favorite Games#9Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the...Vlado's opinion: The best game of the 7th console generation. MGS4 ties up all the loose ends in the Metal Gear story perfectly, giving the player a fulfilling conclusion. While following the core stealth gameplay the series has been known for, this one still manages to innovate - it's different playing as Old Snake, the Octocamo suit also offers unique possibilities. The game is in chapters instead of flowing as one consistent adventure - a bit strange, but works well. There's great variety, as usual, you could either sneak or just take on your enemies head-on, both hard in their own way. The only cons are the relatively shorter gameplay in comparison to the first 3 and the rather lame boss unit this time around. An absolute MUST for Metal Gear fans!
  • Metal Gear Solid#16 in All Time Favorite Games#10Metal Gear Solid
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night#65 in All Time Favorite Games#11Castlevania: Symphony of the Nig...
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue#895 in All Time Favorite Games#12Lunar: Eternal Blue
  • Final Fantasy IX#49 in All Time Favorite Games#13Final Fantasy IX
  • Final Fantasy X#26 in All Time Favorite Games#14Final Fantasy X
  • Uncharted Waters: New Horizons#2240 in All Time Favorite Games#15Uncharted Waters: New Horizons
  • Grandia II#510 in All Time Favorite Games#16Grandia II
  • .hack//Infection Part 1#1013 in All Time Favorite Games#17.hack//Infection Part 1
  • Lunar: The Silver Star#1801 in All Time Favorite Games#18Lunar: The Silver Star
  • Ico#113 in All Time Favorite Games#19Ico
  • Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht#646 in All Time Favorite Games#20Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zu...Vlado's opinion: A strong start for an exceptional series. This game introduces us to the setting and the main characters in the story. I would highlight Chaos and Ziggy, as well as the non-playable Cherenkov (my personal favourite in this one) and Virgil. Albedo is a great villain in this one. It's just the first part of what was supposed to be a hexalogy, so don't expect a true resolution. Still, the ending is quite well done and fulfilling. The battle system is pretty good, not too different from RPGs you're used to, but with some nice innovative elements. I have to highlight the ability to switch to your A.G.W.S. (giant robot) at any time, even during battles with "small" enemies. Play this and do not stop here - you have to see the series through!
  • Captain Tsubasa V: Hasha no Shougou Canpione#3649 in All Time Favorite Games#21Captain Tsubasa V: Hasha no Shou...
  • Phantasy Star Online#392 in All Time Favorite Games#22Phantasy Star Online
  • .hack//Quarantine Part 4#1389 in All Time Favorite Games#23.hack//Quarantine Part 4
  • Captain Tsubasa (SCD)#4750 in All Time Favorite Games#24Captain Tsubasa (SCD)
  • Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake#825 in All Time Favorite Games#25Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

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Vlado's Reviews

Mass Effect 3BioWare (2012)

Mass Effect 3

Review written Monday, January 21st, 2013 at 02:05 pm.


A worthy conclusion of an amazing trilogy, staying true to the principles of the series. Do not let the whiners convince you otherwise, the ending is just fine, especially with The Extended Cut providing extra closure. Gameplay is solid (though it's more TPS than RPG), the story is satisfying, the development of your squadmates is great. Garrus in particular is extra awesome, I also liked the newcomer Javik. Visuals are sadly just on ME2 level, consoles have just peaked graphically. Music is pretty good and atmospheric. The Mass Effect series is gaming's biggest achievement within the seventh console generation's timeframe. I believe it shapes the future of RPGs - a combination of the strong points of JRPGs (story) and WRPGs (choice).

Review written Thursday, January 3rd, 2013 at 02:03 pm.


A strong start for the series that laid the foundations the later Mega Drive/Genesis games built upon. Story is simple - beat the evil scientist Robotnik, free the forest animals. No Tails (or any other sidekicks) yet, no spin dash yet, you must first gain speed and then press Down to do a rolling attack. The shield and invincibility powerups are there. It's a cool gameplay of speed that showed Mario was not the be-all, end-all of 2D platforming. Bosses are not easy, but not too difficult, either - you just need to learn their pattern. Bonus stages are weird. Music is good, with a few really catchy tunes. Sonic the Hedgehog was a monumental game that helped SEGA gain control over the 16-bit market. Today, it is still worth a playthrough.

Mega Man (NES)Capcom (1987)

Mega Man (NES)

Review written Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 at 02:08 pm.


A strong start to the most iconic series on the NES. The original Rockman laid the foundations that later games built upon. It's a difficult game, especially some of the end-game bosses like the Yellow Devil, and beating it without abusing save states can be a challenge. You start with the Mega Buster, but, once you beat the robot master you chose in the beginning, you get to use also his weapon. And so on, until you beat all six and reach Dr. Wily's stage. Each robot master is weak against a weapon, so you can go through the stages in an appropriate order and make your work easier. It's a typical platformer without much of a story, but such were the days. It's a very entertaining game, certainly worth a playthrough even today.

Valkyrie Profiletri-Ace (1999)

Valkyrie Profile

Review written Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 03:45 pm.


One of the finest RPGs on the console that was absolute heaven for the genre. Valkyrie Profile is quite nontraditional, being a 2D side-scroller in dungeons, and having a unique turn-based battle system with real-time elements. It tells a story of Norse gods and their relationship with the humans of Midgard. Lenneth Valkyrie, a 6th rank goddess, receives the task to retrieve human souls to fight on Lord Odin's side in the battle of the gods. The cast is very strong, Lenneth is a great protagonist (her voice actress also does a great job), but her sidekicks like Arngrim, Jelanda, Llewelyn, etc. are also cool, as well as the villains, like Lezard Valeth. Once you learn the battle system, it's a lot of fun, too. Another must for JRPG fans.

Review written Thursday, November 15th, 2012 at 03:45 pm.


One of the finest RPGs on the console that was absolute heaven for the genre. Valkyrie Profile is quite nontraditional, being a 2D side-scroller in dungeons, and having a unique turn-based battle system with real-time elements. It tells a story of Norse gods and their relationship with the humans of Midgard. Lenneth Valkyrie, a 6th rank goddess, receives the task to retrieve human souls to fight on Lord Odin's side in the battle of the gods. The cast is very strong, Lenneth is a great protagonist (her voice actress also does a great job), but her sidekicks like Arngrim, Jelanda, Llewelyn, etc. are also cool, as well as the villains, like Lezard Valeth. Once you learn the battle system, it's a lot of fun, too. Another must for JRPG fans.

Heavy RainQuantic Dream (2010)

Heavy Rain

Review written Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 11:40 am.


A remarkable game - it's like a Choose Your Own Adventure movie. You need to stop a ruthless killer from claiming another victim - one of the main characters' sons, no less. Your actions directly influence the story and its development, there are numerous endings depending on them. There are four main characters and the scenes alternate between them. Heavy Rain is a thriller that achieves its intended effect like few movies can - it keeps you on the edge of your seat, trying hard to complete the QTE-like gameplay portion and have your character survive further. Yeah - the gameplay is based on QTEs, but it mostly works in context. There are some weaknesses in the plot, but it's quite solid overall. Play this for a new gaming experience.

Review written Friday, October 19th, 2012 at 11:19 am.


A strong conclusion of the PS3 trilogy, if a step behind its predecessor in terms of overall quality. Uncharted 3 offers some great set pieces and locations, such as the desert, the shipyard and the cruise ship, but nothing as exciting as the Tibetan village. There are wonderful chase scenes. The protagonists are stellar, as usual, with a cool new addition in Charlie Cutter, but the villains are quite weak in comparison to the awesome Lazarevic. The gameplay sees some slight improvements, and the graphics are probably as good as the PS3 can ever get. I've got a real problem with the new Elena design, though - her face looks strange here. Don't expect more than quick fun, a cheesy story and eye candy. But it does deliver in those aspects.

Dragon Warrior IVChunsoft (1990)

Dragon Warrior IV

Review written Tuesday, September 25th, 2012 at 10:28 am.


One of the best NES RPGs. It improves certain aspects in comparison to the third game, but some are lacking. The story is the best in a Dragon Quest yet, but it's still rather generic. Still, the villain is a step above the standard for the series so far. Cast is cool, as a whole, many different personalities, even if they barely get any development. The game is split into several chapters in which you control different groups. It's annoying that you can't control all your party members in the main quest, instead relying on AI and very loose "orders" you can give. Still, the AI is generally adequate. It looks well for an NES game, the soundtrack is also nice, with a few memorable tunes. If you don't mind old-school RPGs, do try this.

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club!_Individual Developer (2010)

Cherry Tree High Comedy Club!

Review written Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 at 02:09 pm.


A Japanese indie adventure game with a lot of character. The story is rather simple, but the cast is really interesting, especially the protagonist. It's about humour, so expect a lot of jokes and references. The localisation effort is pretty good. Your goal is to recruit at least three people so you can start a comedy club at your high school. To do so, you must improve your conversational skills on various subjects and talk to recruiting targets about things they like. You can watch TV, read magazines, play at the arcade, etc., in order to improve your skills. Some of those cost money, and you can work for money. On top of that, there is a deadline for the club applications that is quickly approaching. I recommend this if you like anime.

Uncharted 2: Among ThievesNaughty Dog (2009)

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Review written Friday, August 24th, 2012 at 06:06 pm.


Even better than its predecessor. Uncharted 2 is even prettier looking, especially the snowy parts, the main cast is further fleshed out, and the villain is actually menacing and quite awesome this time. Elena really shines this time around, her growth since the first game impresses. The gameplay is fun with some minor annoyances. They've built upon what we had in the first game, but sadly some things have been dumbed down, such as the brutal combo replaced by QTE-like counter-attacking that's too easy to pull off. But there's an even better weapon variety, no annoying jet ski stages, and more "boss" battles. Compared to the first, this game is certainly on the easy side, but it's nothing too bad. This is a pillar of the PS3 library.

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