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Top Action-Adventure Games

  • Top Action-Adventure GamesOut of 697 titles
  • Already 0 games ranked in this top by 175 unikGamers
  • What is an action-adventure? While an action game is focussing on hand-eye-coordinated gameplay, and an adventure game is all about puzzle-solving & exploration, an action-adventure game is rich in both of these styles. Investigating a crime scene? Following a clue to a shady night club? Proving yourself in a bar brawl, then shoot-out with the powerful club owner and his henchmen? Discovering his mysterious connection to a famous air plane crash in the Himalaya? The next thing you know, you're finding yourself traversing snowy mountains crossing shaky bridges, shimmying along steep cliffs - in search of the legendary treasure of the Great Al Sameeri. All that can be found in action-adventure games. More or less.

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