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FAVSLIST: Rank your Favorite... everything!!

Hey everyone! A lot of talk about the future of unikGamer have been going on lately and today is the day we talk about it officially. unikGamer has been a wonderful experience for me and hopefully for you guys as well, but like I said before , I've been doing a lot of work on its successor.

FAVSLIST: Rank your Favorite... everything!!

Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Kayser and I are happy to finally introduce FAVSLIST.

Favslist is social platform that lets you rank almost anything you're passionate about and share your favorite things with your buddies and everyone else. On unikGamer, you can rank anything related to video games. On Favslist, you can rank your favorite movies, music albums, tv shows, anime, athletes, books, songs and so much more. Here is a quick look at every lists that are available at the moment on Favslist. Soon each user will have the ability to create their own lists.

Many members from our community are already testing the site, but I feel that we're ready to welcome more users to push our beta even further. We're still in open beta and we'd like to request your help as we need more people using the site to test things out even more. We should be in that stage for about 2-3 more months with new features coming every week.
The way list are created and structured is very similar to unikG but a lot of social features have been added and you can now create your own pages.

This week we've just implemented a recommendation system that lets ask a recommendation to your friends or anybody if your list is public. To test it out, I invite you to help our buddy Ben Ace who asks for some"Next-Gen Gaming Recommendations" or DK who's asking for "Which Xbox One launch title he should get". The lastest public lists are always available on the homepage.

Anyway, head over to favslist.com and let us know what you think! Ask your questions here and I'll do my best to answer them.

Thank you for trying it out and of course spreading the word if you like what you're seeing ;-)


Saturday, September 7th, 2013 at 05:52 pm, by Papissama.

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