The Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) text_is #698 on unikGamerThe Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) text_is #698 on unikGamer

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Another Milestone

We just cracked another thousand. Another thousand of curious gamers joining our project. Another thousand of guys & girls who enjoy reminiscing about their youth. Another thousand of fans who like to show their affection - and personality - through list-making.

Another Milestone

Our user growth has finally reached an almost daily interval - an almost daily influx of video game enthusiasts from all over the world; of ranking, rating and reviewing average people just like you and me, as well as VIPs; and even of couragious forum-goers who don't refrain from discovering the occasionally heated environment of our - most of the times - friendly message board. And it shows: our community is more lively than ever!

Speaking of the message board: due to noticeable demand, we now have a collection of tutorials to explain some really simple but frequently asked thingies. Like "How to embed YouTube videos". Feel free to ask for more if you can think of any.

In other news, the impending site upgrade is growing and growing each day, taking shape as we speak. The goal is to strike off several anticipated features off our long list of pending suggestions with one single effort. In fact, Papi & KiR`k are currently working at full capacity in order to launch it sooner rather than later. Hang on just a little longer!

However, we are sad to inform you that because of that awesome upgrade our once popular background themes will have to take a back seat for a while. The new site will feature a fresh style and because of that it appears that when it's live they won't fit anymore. That feature isn't scrapped entirely though - it's just of less priority.

You should also know that we've slightly updated the Forum Rules. After they were considered to be too vague, Filly eagerly fleshed them out for us with more meat and accuracy. There's also a new point or two. Please take a look.

Thanks to her exemplary effort, we also have more appropriate moderation guidelines now. Because of that, future moderating actions of our young but passionate mod team will be more coordinated and organized than ever before. You can look forward to even more efficient moderation in the future.

That is all. Have a good Continue.

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 at 09:36 am, by WoodrowShigeru.

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