Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) text_is #35 on unikGamerStar Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR) text_is #35 on unikGamer

1st Wanted Gamer (Reward: 2 games)

Hey unikGamers, the site is growing at a nice little pace and thanks to you guys we're starting to get some recognition out there. With more than 2,200 gamers, we starting to become THE place for ranking our favorite games and share that with others like us.

1st Wanted Gamer (Reward: 2 games)

Recently, unikGamer has been mentioned by Daniel Kayser in his "Battlecry" in the EpicBattleCry podcast (ep116) and many new gamers joined in to share their list.
Other veterans of our industry also try our website and really enjoyed it, but the hard part is still to communicate to these journalists or developers what we're trying to do without looking like the myriad of sites/magazines that do Top 10/50/100 lists of whatever.

So I got this idea...

Instead of spending money on pointless advertising, I wish to spend money on gamers that will help us advertise while making it fun.
This picture will sum it all:


The goal is simple. Try to get Greg Miller from IGN to share his favorite games on the site.
If he makes it and post it on his Twitter account, the person that made him do so will win the first game that comes out of his/her most anticipated list.
And if he talks about it in Podcast Beyond, that same person will also get the second game that comes out of his/her most wanted list.

If it works out, I'll try some other journalist or developers with different objectives/conditions and rewards to make it fun.

There is one iron that I wish everyone will respect though.
Respect the bounty's privacy.
Do not spam him with some crazy messages.
In this case, if Greg express in any way that he does not want to share his list, then I'll cancel the operation.
Just try to be creative in the way you ask him (preferably through Social networks like Twitter or Facebook)

Hope you guys like the idea!
Oh and let the hunt begin ^_^

Friday, May 27th, 2011 at 02:01 pm, by Papissama.

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