The Grand theft Auto name tag has a lot of personal recollections and memories attached; it paved the way for modern gaming. The GTA Vice City game was the sixth part of the GTA world and was released in 2002. It was released on PC and consoles originally and has now moved on to the mobile phone.

If you are unfamiliar with the game (highly unlikely), it is an open-world game that has a storyline to it, the player will depict the main character and along with that, you will have plenty of other side missions you could complete within the game.

This game was developed by Rockstar Inc. the developers of the most recognized gaming franchise. It is available on the play store app for a cheap price, but we will get into that later on.

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GTA Vice City is available on both iOS and Android, the premise of the story is probably familiar to most gamers, you will be playing the character of a Mafia hitman who is released from jail after 15 years for the murder of 11 men. As he reigns supreme as a drug lord, he has been hit and unknown people kill his men while rebuilding his drug empire he seeks to find the killers.

The whole gameplay is the traditional GTA set up in which the player follows the storyline to see the end of the game. You will have chores you need to do; you can steal cars along the way, you could spend the night with hookers and so on, typically everything that makes GTA what it is.

When talking about gameplay, the controls play a huge role in this area, the problem arises when trying to figure out the controls to keep your car steady or moving, the left and right arrow are not easy to use when beginning the game so you will find your player going completely wobbly and unsteady for a while in the game. Also, during the punching and shooting segments, you aren’t exactly comfortable so it takes some time to get a hang of.

There are minute differences with both iOS and Android, in iOS, the game will be automatically saved in the iCloud and it conveniently manages the progress of your game. An added incentive is that in an iOS while driving around, in the game, you can listen to music from your Apple music library on the radio.

On your Android phone, it is preferably best if you could customize your settings before getting into gameplay, managing the visuals and using Blue tooth gamepads will give you better gaming experience.

The visuals and sound for the game are impeccable as usual, the tweak is that they have increased the resolution on the visuals for mobile phones for a better-compressed experience. The location setting of Vice city is visually appealing and you will be entertained simply by driving around the locality looking at billboards with curses and slews splayed upon them as you drive by.

The players in the game are befitting to the storyline, the sound effects these games have still maintain their amazing quality. It is primarily because of the radio stations the Rockstar Inc has inside these games. They are so natural and lifelike that many of the games that have come out on apps today don’t stand a chance against the quality of GTA.

The competition faced by this game is relatively high from when it came out. Games are being popped out by the second, but the impact the GTA series had is unrivaled. The new games in comparison may be visually and/or audibly better, but GTA still stands a chance against most games in the app right now. Why is a game that has a barely plausible storyline so successful some may ask? Well, more than the story it is what it signified in time and place where this was one of the main sources of entertainment. The cheat codes that had to be memorized, the slurs learned, the flirty exchanges, it created a safe space for many of the age and it still holds such nostalgic value that people are willing to keep it relevant. It also encompasses a time in our lives where things didn’t seem so complicated and these small gaming consoles that we hid from our mums at night while pretending to sleep were the most important moments. The Rockstar Inc is fully aware of this and has an in-app purchase tag that leads you to their page from where you can buy merchandise and pick out something cool to show off.

In a final assessment, the verdict is that the game is completely worth it if you are looking for hours’ worth of entertainment on a 2GB space in your phones. The price to pay for it is quite cheap for the quality that you are receiving for it so that is one thing you need to keep in mind if you are hesitant to pick it up. The usual dry humor and running over pedestrians with no consequences is something you could never get enough of, yeah, they say it incites violence, but gamers will disagree and say it’s therapeutic because anyone would rather have you running over pedestrians in a virtual game than in real life. The PC version precedes the mobile version simply because of the ease and comfort.

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