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Yakuza 4

  • Yakuza 4Buy on Amazon - Copy URL
  • Developed by Amusement Vision (2010) on PlayStation 3
  • Action Adventure
  • Yakuza 4 picks up the story of Yakuza 3 one year later and takes the player back to Tokyo. The story starts when a man is shot to death in the ruling territory of the Tojo Clan, the organization that has featured in all games in the series to date. A small gang which belongs to Tojo Clan try to establish what happened and their leader is soon found stabbed to death. These events cause a heated battle between four men over money, power, status and honor. The truth becomes apparent as the lies, betrayals and entwined stories are revealed and when these 4 unflinching men get together, the new legend of Kamurocho is born.
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Kazuma Kiryu


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Yakuza 412/04 at 06:11 am, by ManCannon

Yakuza 4

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