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Lost Odyssey

  • Lost OdysseyBuy on Amazon - Copy URL
  • Developed by Mistwalker (2007) on Xbox 360
  • Role-Playing > J-Style RPG
  • Lost Odyssey is the story of Kaim, an immortal character who has lived more than 1,000 years. He doesn't remember his past, and he doesn't know where his future lies. Throughout Kaim's journey, a handful of characters join him on an odyssey to discover their intricate past and destiny, leading players through a dramatic story of massive scale. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game elements are blended into the game's traditional role-playing game system, enabling players to make strategic decisions for a more immersive and deep gameplay experience.
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Lost Odyssey

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Lost Odyssey Review written Friday, December 21st, 2012 at 11:55 pm.


Amazing RPG from Mistwalker.

Lost Odyssey Review written Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 10:31 am.


This game took me back, far back into my childhood. I love the Final Fantasy series, though I haven't actually loved one since Final Fantasy X, I loved the design of those games, the type of story exposition, the characters, the music. Sakaguchi may have left the Final Fantasy series, but the Final Fantasy spirit didn't leave Sakaguchi, as he recaptured this perfectly in the modern era. Lost Odyssey has an amazingly heartgripping story. The layout of the game challenged you to gather information to figure out where you were going, which threaded well into the story. The characters were very complex and relatable. Sure this game purposely uses dated mechanics, but even those mechanics had polish. Long live Hironobu Sakaguchi and Mistwalker

Lost Odyssey Review written Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 12:21 am.


A surprisingly recent game for my top 25 of all time, Lost Odyssey just completely swept me off my feet. It was everything a modern Final Fantasy game needs to be. Admittedly, while I liked FFX, XII and even XIII, it is a fact that without Sakaguchi and Uematsu's majestic work, something in the last decade of the FF franchise has been lacking. Thankfully, Mistwalker more than remedied for that with Lost Odyssey, bearing a typical FF character design woven into a great storyline, beautiful visuals and carried by Uematsu's wonderful score. Looking for a current gen JRPG in the vein of classic FF? Look no further!

DoubleagentPokÚmon Master


Lost Odyssey Review written Tuesday, November 13th, 2012 at 04:46 pm.


I got quite far into this game but never finished it. It was quite enjoyable and it's one that I want to re-visit eventually.

Lost Odyssey Review written Thursday, March 8th, 2012 at 08:53 am.


This is an unexpected art house piece from the creator of Final Fantasy. Lost Odyssey focuses on the violent, horrific chaos of war itself. The characters phase through emotional breakdowns as they struggle to remember the heartbreaking past. This game isn't for everyone, but it takes many extraordinary strides to raise the level of creativity in JRPGs.

Lost Odyssey Review written Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 at 06:07 pm.


I'm ashamed to admit that this game was my first J-RPG and I was positively impressed by it. It is also the only one I've played but it is rumored that if you have played one, you played them all. Now, I know a lot of J-RPGs, I have tried many, but never actually played any other than this. I can say that this is a pretty average title and it doesn't innovate in any way but I had to have a J-RPG added here. A 7/10 should do it justice.

Lost Odyssey Review written Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 at 12:47 am.


Great Game, wrong Plattform... bet it would sell at least twice as much on PS3 ...

Lost Odyssey Review written Friday, August 5th, 2011 at 03:46 pm.


It's more than a game, it's more than a movie and even more than a book. It's all in one, dream come true

Lost Odyssey Review written Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 at 01:33 pm.



Lost Odyssey Review written Monday, July 18th, 2011 at 12:07 pm.


Nice game, long game (4 DVDs) and everything is good, but the fighting system is just shitty.

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