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Live a Live

  • Live a LiveBuy on Amazon - Copy URL
  • Developed by Squaresoft (1994) on Super NES
  • Role-Playing > J-Style RPG
  • In Live a Live, the player controls seven main characters and plays through seven different chapters set in seven different time periods: prehistoric age, old China, feudal Japan, American Old West, modern-day environment, near future on the Earth, and a sci-fi space scenario. These stories appear to have no common points at first; each one has its own protagonists and goals. The player can choose to play the scenarios in any order, but must complete them all in order to unlock the eighth scenario, and eventually the final chapter - both of which explain the connections between the separate stories and deliver the grand finale.
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Live A Live07/13 at 03:18 pm, by Papissama

Live A Live

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Live A Live Review written Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at 09:41 am.


Certainly something of an unknown gem. The gameplay is nicely varied, with each of the game's many chapters having its own style of play. The atmosphere in many of the chapters is very well done, particularly in the Sci-Fi and Old West chapters. While not always especially original, the story is very well executed, with some chapters having some interesting twists and turns. One chapter in particular has an incredible and unexpected development near its end. The soundtrack is also great, and due to Live a Live's multiple settings, varied. RPG fans should do themselves a favor and play this.

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