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Killzone 3

  • Killzone 3Buy on Amazon - Copy URL
  • Developed by Guerrilla Games (2011) on PlayStation 3
  • Action > First-Person Shooter
  • Developed by Guerrilla Games, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Killzone 3 is the latest title in the Killzone franchise, bringing the most robust first-person shooter experience exclusively for the PlayStation 3 system. Following on the heels of the highly acclaimed Killzone 2, players will once again face the hostile Helghast army, battling overwhelming odds in the fight for human survival. Killzone 3 delivers the definitive cinematic sci-fi war experience with an immersive single-player campaign as well as full featured multiplayer action in the war against the Helghast.
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Killzone 3

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Killzone 3 Review written Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 at 06:53 am.


First person shooters like Killzone 3 are the mindless popcorn blockbusters to the world of video games. This game is fun enough to play but ultimately hollow and unmemorable. There a sense of the chaos of war happening around you and some pretty cool action set pieces, but any momentum and gravitas that the game picks up, it squanders with its cliche plot and characters. It's the gung-hoiest of gung-ho army tales, the type of bro-out session that will turn your stomach. Such a shame considering the quality facial animations and all-around good presentation (save for some technical issues in cut-scenes.) Anyway, it's what you would expect. No surprises here. Just a competent military shooter set on a different planet. Shooting space Nazis

Killzone 3 Review written Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at 06:25 am.


best shooter i've ever played (when it was released).

Killzone 3 Review written Monday, November 5th, 2012 at 12:04 am.


Killzone 3 is a near perfect package. The things that let it down are just baffling. The decision to move away from dedicated servers meant the death of the fantastic multiplayer within months of the game's release. I still don't understand how they don't capitalize on such a rich universe in terms of the story and writing... Pros: Incredible and varied campaign, superb pacing, gorgeous graphics coupled with great art design, one of the (if not THE) best multiplayer experiences around, operations mode is pure brilliance, as are most of the MP maps, great concept for the story, satisfying shooting, great atmosphere Cons: No more dedicated servers, the writing kills what could have potentially been a great story, minor sound problems

Killzone 3 Review written Saturday, April 28th, 2012 at 08:08 am.


Killzone 3 starts right at the end of killzone 2 and will keep you entertained for hours. I like the characters but Sev and Rico dont intrest me. I like the plot and how it ended. It got really epic near the end. Multiplayer is fantastic and exciting. Graphics look really good and the action is non-stop.

Killzone 3 Review written Sunday, March 11th, 2012 at 04:53 pm.


great shooter

Killzone 3 Review written Wednesday, February 8th, 2012 at 08:26 pm.


Killzone 3 didn't really expand much on what Killzone 2 gave us, but it is in it's own right still a very fun game, with some very excellent voice acting especially from Malcolm Mcdowell. The fact it's so short kinda takes away from it though.

Killzone 3 Review written Monday, January 9th, 2012 at 01:13 am.


Like Killzone 2, the gameplay is fun and the multiplayer is a blast. The visuals are still great and the game is just pure violence and blood. But also like Killzone 2: weak characters and the story had a lot of potential but didn't turn out to be anything memorable or creative.

Killzone 3 Review written Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 at 12:25 pm.


Completed - 30.11.2011

Killzone 3 Review written Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 at 11:25 am.


Same as KZ2 really, it carries on where KZ2 left of, no real huge differences but thata good thing right?

Killzone 3 Review written Monday, June 13th, 2011 at 08:19 pm.


I must confess, I'm not a Killzone fan, but considering how well known it is for play station users, I checked it out; all I saw was another generic shooter of the modern gaming era... but incredibly, it was very fun to play through, I really didn't care for the story, the characters were generic and the situations never made me care for them at anytime; Killzone 3 was good, mindless fun, but good in it's own right... is a lot better when played with the play station wi-- I mean move, I just felt that the controls were simplified and aiming was more precise with those controls...

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