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Site Announcements & Updates

Important Site News & Announcements

Site Help, Forum Guidelines and FAQs51 topics / 370 messages

Site Help, Forum Guidelines and FAQs

Having problems with the site? Don't know the forum rules? Here is where you can find all answers to anything dealing with unikGamer.com

Suggestions, Feedback and Bugs546 topics / 5766 messages

Suggestions, Feedback and Bugs

Think you've got an idea to improve the site? Something beneficial to a community as a whole? Then let us know. You can also drop a nice line if you like our site :)

User Contributions49 topics / 1041 messages

User Contributions

You got some art skills or any other gift for that matter. Let's see if you can help us improve our community!

unikG Entries

Game Discussion9750 topics / 24910 messages

Game Discussion

Talk about your favorite game here

Top List Discussion160 topics / 5418 messages

Top List Discussion

Chat and argue about the results of unikg's top lists

Gaming Character Discussion2149 topics / 2721 messages

Gaming Character Discussion

Talk about your favorite characters here

General Discussion

General Gaming843 topics / 19174 messages

General Gaming

Gaming chat that doesn't fit anywhere else.

Introduce Yourself !240 topics / 3677 messages

Introduce Yourself !

Create your own topic and other members will check out your Top 25 here and let you know how they feel about your Top 25. Be ready to be judged!

Off Topic Discussion2436 topics / 26279 messages

Off Topic Discussion

Absolutely no talk of games in here, but other than that it's a complete free-for-all.

Forum Games & Favs Topics118 topics / 13509 messages

Forum Games & Favs Topics

Participate in fun forum games and "What is your favorite..." threads! Perfect forum if you're bored to death ;-)

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