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Wally B. Feed

  • Gender : Male
  • Classification : Humanoid
  • Alignment : Good
  • Playability : Non-Playable
  • Role : Side Character
  • Origin : Gaming
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  • Wally is a cartographer who loves his work with maps. He studies them at great length and he has truly mastered his profession. Provided with a given smaller map, he is able to give it context and locate its exact position in the caribbean due to his vast cartographical knowledge. All the extensive studies left him farsighted so that he now wears a monocle for his work. The short young man is a luckless character who always appears to suffer far more abuse than he's in for. Wally was part of LeChuck's crew for a while, during which time he referred to himself as Bloodnose, the wickedest fiend ever to sail under the banner of King Death. As Bloodnose he wore an eye patch, a fake beard, and a plastic hook.
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Wally B. Feed12/26 at 04:59 pm, by Papissama

Wally B. Feed

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