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Rapp Scallion

  • Gender : Male
  • Classification : Humanoid
  • Alignment : Neutral
  • Playability : Non-Playable
  • Role : Side Character
  • Origin : Gaming
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  • Rapp Scallion served as a Cook aboard Governor Marleys ship which was at that time looking for the treasure of Big Whoop. After coming back from that adventure, he set up a hotdog stand on Scabb Island, called the Steamin' Weenie Hut. Scallion had been killed by LeChuck who sent a birthday cake alit with candles, knowing that he always forgets to turn the gas off, resulting in blowing up the Hut. His remains reside in the Scabb Island Cemetery.
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Rapp Scallion08/13 at 09:16 pm, by Papissama

Rapp Scallion

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