Gordon Freeman (Half-Life 2) text_is #2 on unikGamerGordon Freeman (Half-Life 2) text_is #2 on unikGamer

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  • Gender : Male
  • Classification : Humanoid
  • Alignment : Evil
  • Playability : Non-Playable
  • Role : Antagonist
  • Origin : Gaming
  • LeChuckCopy URL
  • An undead pirate captain, LeChuck is obsessed with pursuing the affections of the series' heroine, Elaine Marley, and exacting revenge upon protagonist Guybrush Threepwood, who is responsible for consistently thwarting his plans. LeChuck is not limited to one incarnation; across the series, the character has been depicted as a ghost, a zombie and a demon among other forms. While sometimes gullible and naïve, LeChuck is a powerful and intelligent villain, making extensive use of voodoo magic in his megalomaniacal plans.
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