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Herman Toothrot

  • Gender : Male
  • Classification : Humanoid
  • Alignment : Neutral
  • Playability : Non-Playable
  • Role : Side Character
  • Origin : Gaming
  • Herman ToothrotCopy URL
  • Herman Toothrot is a lonely and somewhat overbearing hermit who lives on Monkey Island. He went there to find the legendary Secret of Monkey Island. Once there however, with his only crew member accidentally having hung himself, Herman is forced to train a crew of monkeys to sail back to Mêlée Island and seek help. Now the hermit lives in somewhat peaceful symbiosis with the local cannibals. He also has some kind of vendetta against pants. The old castaway can be seen camping on Dinky Island as well, where he teaches philosophy.
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Herman Toothrot12/12 at 09:50 pm, by Papissama

Herman Toothrot

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