Needless to say, everything today is online. Documents and income tax filing, sending or receiving money, the application process, shopping, bookings, appointments and connecting with friends and family who live abroad. When we say everything, IT MEANS EVERYTHING!

The terms ‘Online’ and ‘Internet’ go hand-in-hand. You are online only when you have access to the internet. Existing without the internet is a position in which you would NOT like to see yourself. Ironically, we are all dependent on an intangible element of our life that makes sharing on the go!

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All the pictures and media that we share with a tap or click of a button are accessible via the internet.

All the captured stills that need to shared or posted require backup and internet.

Many companies have accumulated so much revenue from this business. Each of them has diversified products, services, and investments which have made them insanely wealthy and competitive.

Key Component

The question is if everything is online what is the key to being effective and on time?

Undoubtedly, Speed, connectivity, and resource sharing are the key peculiarities for determining your choice of networking.

However, the cost of the package has shot up! Popularly known as plans, these include talk time, SMS services and data pack.

Due to the raised price, many users are dropping the idea of such plans and are switching to Wi-Fi. All these are provided for resource sharing.

What is an SD CARD?

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SD card: Security Digital card is one which stores supplementary numbers of information, introduced in August 1999. It is used for devices such as cameras and smartphones and it is a lifesaver in specific situations. A very useful tool for storing all your media contents and immediate sharing. Though it is not very popular, it’s still coping up.

Wifi-enabled SD Cards are more preferable than the ones with wires and connectors.

Advantages of SD Card:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Mass storage
  3. Less burden on phone memory
  4. Portable and removable
  5. Resource sharing
  6. Easy access
  7. Backup memory
  8. Fewer chances of error


  1. Easily breakable
  2. Can be lost
  3. More costly than CD and DVD
  4. Editable and can be misused.
  5. Access to many

Important facts about SD Cards

  1. Formatting the content is essential.
  2. Only some people know that all SD cards are not congenial.
  3. The tiny memory cards hold a capacity that is equal to a flash drive!
  4. Check its compatible with your camera.
  5. Capacity must be considered before purchase
  6. Risky access should be denied.

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Which one?

The uncountable numbers of companies have entered the market to serve their customers and build their base. Here are some Best Wi-Fi enabled SD Card, that can be considered to help you make a better and efficient choice keeping in mind your pocket burden and accessibility.

  1. Toshiba FlashAir 4th Generation SD   – It is the best-selling SD card, it enables resource sharing at great speed. It also provides more elevated flexibility with a multicultural ‘Eyefi Connected’ feature that limits a camera from automatically powering off when wirelessly joining with FlashAir. Being user-friendly these SD cards beat other cards in the market.
  2. The Transcend 32GB WiFi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card: It is a secured memory card which offers a large storage capacity, 32 GB. Designed for top speed and uncomparable compatibility with other devices without wires or readers. Additionally, one can spontaneously share and upload their content. The data can flow only up to three devices at a time.
  3. Eyefi Mobi Pro Card: The Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB WiFi SDHC Card. This card uses an orderly and incorporated camera roll to contain your media. It receives data from your storage devices and inserts them in the roll. Making it easier to manage your entire data.
  4. The Canon WiFi Adapter: It supports both MAC and Windows, it becomes inexpensive for the Canon camera users. No doubt about its range and connectivity, The Canon WiFi Adapter is an SD memory card and a wireless transmitter as well. Being the remote control of the camera, it allows you to modify your camera settings via the Canon Camera Connect app.
  5. VOORCA, Wireless wifi class: The most affordable and practical purchace in the category of SD Memory Card. Superfast transferring speed without wires and other types of connectors. Easy installation with supports mass storage for your media. A free of cost app can be downloaded online, it guides about the usage and setup process.
  6. Ez Share: Honestly, the features provided by this SD Card are not available in other cards. It is a trust-worthy card and a great deal for its price, it allows multiple users to have access to your stored media.
  7. Flucard: Produced by Trek 2000 International, which is the Singaporean company, is pretty reasonable for its quality and storage. Easy and effective resource sharing for both Mac and Windows, it can be accessed as a remote which is controlled via phone. Pretty good for a shot!


All SD cards offer the same features mostly, how they differ from each other is its speed, compatibility, connectivity, and wired\unwired resource sharing.

The main idea is to store pictures and media and to share spontaneously with fewer chances of errors.

A list of alternatives for the purchase of an SD Card is provided above and are recommended for purchase.

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