Looking for a good quality chair? Why worry, if the plastic chair has been invented. Be it a function or any event, be it an office or residence, it is very easy to find plastic chairs at each and every place. The quality and the features of the plastic chair makes it more unique from other chairs. They are also referred to as monoblock chairs and are made up of thermoplastic polypropelene.

Why Plastic Chairs are important?

It is needless to say that the plastic chair is highly demanded in the market. The advantages of plastic chairs make it more qualitative. Here are some advantages of a plastic chair.

  1. Economical:- It is cheap and best. It is cheaper than the chairs made up of other materials like metal or wood. Plastic chairs are the cheapest and stylish.
  2. Comfortable:- Plastic chairs are comfortable in use. It can be made at a very low cost without any additional charges.
  3. Durability:- It is highly durable. It does not break easily if handled roughly or dropped mistakenly.
  4. Maintenance:- Plastic chairs require low maintenance as compared to other chairs made up of wood or any metal.
  5. Promotes afforestation:- The making of wooden furniture requires wood which results in deforestation. But plastic chairs do not require any wood. Hence, it promotes afforestation at a very mass scale.
  6. Rust-free:- Plastic chairs are rust-free. They are waterproof in nature and do not crack or rust even if left in rain.

Various Types of Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are differentiated on the basis of the type of plastic used in it’s making it a very large amount. Some of the types of plastic chairs are described below:-

  1. Thermosets:- These are basically formed by heating but they are also like concrete. It means that it cannot be reshaped once shaped. For example:- polythene, acrylic, PVC. Etc.
  2. Thermoplastic:- It is soft in nature and it can easily be moulded and remoulded. For example:- Bakelite, melamine, etc.
  3. Acrylic:- It is very thick and can be straightforward.
  4. PVC:- It is very hard, stiff and tough plastic. It is used for so many flexible applications.
  5. Polypropelene:- It is waxy in nature. It can be moulded and remoulded again and again. This type of plastic never breaks.
  6. Melamine:- It is a thermoset which is intense and warm safe.

Uses of Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are more in demand than chairs made up of any other material. It is available easy anywhere in the market. Plastic chairs are widely used in commercial areas or residential areas. The basic use of a chair is to sit on it comfortably. Some plastic chairs are not comfortable to sit because of the use of low quality of plastic. Some light and low quality of plastic are used in the making of plastic chairs which reduces the durability of it. So before purchasing any plastic chair, it is advised to look at the quality of plastic used in it. Otherwise, the consumer may not enjoy the advantages of a good plastic chair.

Other Uses of Plastic

Plastic is not only used in making chairs. It has multiple uses. For example:- PVC is also used in plastic sheeting or plumbing. Phenolics are used as adhesive for furniture. Polyester is used to create fabrics. Thermosets are used in the furniture industry. Polyurethane foams are used in cushioning furniture items.

Body Posture while sitting

The thing which should be kept in mind is the Body posture. Wrong body posture often leads to back pain and muscular pain in the lower portion of the back. The body should be straight while sitting. The person sitting on it is advised not to lean or slouch on the table. Otherwise, it may lead to severe back pain issue. While sitting on the chair, continuously looking at the screen of the phone may lead to pain in the neck portion. Sometimes it causes terrible headache. The leg should be resting on the ground perfectly. It should not swing in the air. This may result in muscular pain in the lower portion of the leg.

All the above-mentioned precautions should be taken while sitting on the chair and body posture is something which should be given attention every time. If the posture of the body is not kept in mind then it may lead to serious health problems that will force a person to move to and fro to the hospital.

Hence, plastic chairs are simply available in the market at a very low cost. It is highly durable and portable. Plastic chairs do not need heavy maintenance. The lustrous appearance of the plastic chair makes it more attractive. It is very comfortable. There are basically two types of plastics available. They are Thermosets and thermoplastics. They are not only used for making chairs but has several other applications. The body posture is the most crucial fact which should be given proper attention. Before purchasing any plastic chair, the quality of the materials used in it should be checked. Sometimes low-quality plastics are used in making plastic chairs. Use if lie quality plastic degrades the durability of the chair. The plastic chair is affordable for everyone. New designs and models have made it more and more attractive and impressive. So, if someone comes to your house and you want to chat with them in an open environment, then spreading plastic chairs in the lawn can not be a bad option.

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