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GTA Vice City Mobile Version Review

The Grand theft Auto name tag has a lot of personal recollections and memories attached; it paved the way for modern gaming. The GTA Vice City game was the sixth part of the GTA world and was released in 2002. It was released on PC and consoles originally and has now moved on to the mobile phone.

If you are unfamiliar with the game (highly unlikely), it is an open-world game that has a storyline to it, the player will depict the main character and along with that, you will have plenty of other side missions you could complete within the game.

This game was developed by Rockstar Inc. the developers of the most recognized gaming franchise. It is available on the play store app for a cheap price, but we will get into that later on.

Download GTA Vice City Apk

GTA Vice City is available on both iOS and Android, the premise of the story is probably familiar to most gamers, you will be playing the character of a Mafia hitman who is released from jail after 15 years for the murder of 11 men. As he reigns supreme as a drug lord, he has been hit and unknown people kill his men while rebuilding his drug empire he seeks to find the killers.

The whole gameplay is the traditional GTA set up in which the player follows the storyline to see the end of the game. You will have chores you need to do; you can steal cars along the way, you could spend the night with hookers and so on, typically everything that makes GTA what it is.

When talking about gameplay, the controls play a huge role in this area, the problem arises when trying to figure out the controls to keep your car steady or moving, the left and right arrow are not easy to use when beginning the game so you will find your player going completely wobbly and unsteady for a while in the game. Also, during the punching and shooting segments, you aren’t exactly comfortable so it takes some time to get a hang of.

There are minute differences with both iOS and Android, in iOS, the game will be automatically saved in the iCloud and it conveniently manages the progress of your game. An added incentive is that in an iOS while driving around, in the game, you can listen to music from your Apple music library on the radio.

On your Android phone, it is preferably best if you could customize your settings before getting into gameplay, managing the visuals and using Blue tooth gamepads will give you better gaming experience.

The visuals and sound for the game are impeccable as usual, the tweak is that they have increased the resolution on the visuals for mobile phones for a better-compressed experience. The location setting of Vice city is visually appealing and you will be entertained simply by driving around the locality looking at billboards with curses and slews splayed upon them as you drive by.

The players in the game are befitting to the storyline, the sound effects these games have still maintain their amazing quality. It is primarily because of the radio stations the Rockstar Inc has inside these games. They are so natural and lifelike that many of the games that have come out on apps today don’t stand a chance against the quality of GTA.

The competition faced by this game is relatively high from when it came out. Games are being popped out by the second, but the impact the GTA series had is unrivaled. The new games in comparison may be visually and/or audibly better, but GTA still stands a chance against most games in the app right now. Why is a game that has a barely plausible storyline so successful some may ask? Well, more than the story it is what it signified in time and place where this was one of the main sources of entertainment. The cheat codes that had to be memorized, the slurs learned, the flirty exchanges, it created a safe space for many of the age and it still holds such nostalgic value that people are willing to keep it relevant. It also encompasses a time in our lives where things didn’t seem so complicated and these small gaming consoles that we hid from our mums at night while pretending to sleep were the most important moments. The Rockstar Inc is fully aware of this and has an in-app purchase tag that leads you to their page from where you can buy merchandise and pick out something cool to show off.

In a final assessment, the verdict is that the game is completely worth it if you are looking for hours’ worth of entertainment on a 2GB space in your phones. The price to pay for it is quite cheap for the quality that you are receiving for it so that is one thing you need to keep in mind if you are hesitant to pick it up. The usual dry humor and running over pedestrians with no consequences is something you could never get enough of, yeah, they say it incites violence, but gamers will disagree and say it’s therapeutic because anyone would rather have you running over pedestrians in a virtual game than in real life. The PC version precedes the mobile version simply because of the ease and comfort.…

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Best Wi-Fi enabled SD Card

Needless to say, everything today is online. Documents and income tax filing, sending or receiving money, the application process, shopping, bookings, appointments and connecting with friends and family who live abroad. When we say everything, IT MEANS EVERYTHING!

The terms ‘Online’ and ‘Internet’ go hand-in-hand. You are online only when you have access to the internet. Existing without the internet is a position in which you would NOT like to see yourself. Ironically, we are all dependent on an intangible element of our life that makes sharing on the go!

Image result for Best Wi-Fi enabled SD Card"

All the pictures and media that we share with a tap or click of a button are accessible via the internet.

All the captured stills that need to shared or posted require backup and internet.

Many companies have accumulated so much revenue from this business. Each of them has diversified products, services, and investments which have made them insanely wealthy and competitive.

Key Component

The question is if everything is online what is the key to being effective and on time?

Undoubtedly, Speed, connectivity, and resource sharing are the key peculiarities for determining your choice of networking.

However, the cost of the package has shot up! Popularly known as plans, these include talk time, SMS services and data pack.

Due to the raised price, many users are dropping the idea of such plans and are switching to Wi-Fi. All these are provided for resource sharing.

What is an SD CARD?

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SD card: Security Digital card is one which stores supplementary numbers of information, introduced in August 1999. It is used for devices such as cameras and smartphones and it is a lifesaver in specific situations. A very useful tool for storing all your media contents and immediate sharing. Though it is not very popular, it’s still coping up.

Wifi-enabled SD Cards are more preferable than the ones with wires and connectors.

Advantages of SD Card:

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Mass storage
  3. Less burden on phone memory
  4. Portable and removable
  5. Resource sharing
  6. Easy access
  7. Backup memory
  8. Fewer chances of error


  1. Easily breakable
  2. Can be lost
  3. More costly than CD and DVD
  4. Editable and can be misused.
  5. Access to many

Important facts about SD Cards

  1. Formatting the content is essential.
  2. Only some people know that all SD cards are not congenial.
  3. The tiny memory cards hold a capacity that is equal to a flash drive!
  4. Check its compatible with your camera.
  5. Capacity must be considered before purchase
  6. Risky access should be denied.

C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\shopping.png C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\download.jpg C:\Users\Dell\Desktop\download.jpg

Which one?

The uncountable numbers of companies have entered the market to serve their customers and build their base. Here are some Best Wi-Fi enabled SD Card, that can be considered to help you make a better and efficient choice keeping in mind your pocket burden and accessibility.

  1. Toshiba FlashAir 4th Generation SD   – It is the best-selling SD card, it enables resource sharing at great speed. It also provides more elevated flexibility with a multicultural ‘Eyefi Connected’ feature that limits a camera from automatically powering off when wirelessly joining with FlashAir. Being user-friendly these SD cards beat other cards in the market.
  2. The Transcend 32GB WiFi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card: It is a secured memory card which offers a large storage capacity, 32 GB. Designed for top speed and uncomparable compatibility with other devices without wires or readers. Additionally, one can spontaneously share and upload their content. The data can flow only up to three devices at a time.
  3. Eyefi Mobi Pro Card: The Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB WiFi SDHC Card. This card uses an orderly and incorporated camera roll to contain your media. It receives data from your storage devices and inserts them in the roll. Making it easier to manage your entire data.
  4. The Canon WiFi Adapter: It supports both MAC and Windows, it becomes inexpensive for the Canon camera users. No doubt about its range and connectivity, The Canon WiFi Adapter is an SD memory card and a wireless transmitter as well. Being the remote control of the camera, it allows you to modify your camera settings via the Canon Camera Connect app.
  5. VOORCA, Wireless wifi class: The most affordable and practical purchace in the category of SD Memory Card. Superfast transferring speed without wires and other types of connectors. Easy installation with supports mass storage for your media. A free of cost app can be downloaded online, it guides about the usage and setup process.
  6. Ez Share: Honestly, the features provided by this SD Card are not available in other cards. It is a trust-worthy card and a great deal for its price, it allows multiple users to have access to your stored media.
  7. Flucard: Produced by Trek 2000 International, which is the Singaporean company, is pretty reasonable for its quality and storage. Easy and effective resource sharing for both Mac and Windows, it can be accessed as a remote which is controlled via phone. Pretty good for a shot!


All SD cards offer the same features mostly, how they differ from each other is its speed, compatibility, connectivity, and wired\unwired resource sharing.

The main idea is to store pictures and media and to share spontaneously with fewer chances of errors.

A list of alternatives for the purchase of an SD Card is provided above and are recommended for purchase.…


What to look for in the addedly best Karaoke Machine?

Music is the food of the soul and the light that ignites both the heart and the mind. It is a medium to express and flow in the direction of an individual or group(s) current feeling. Music is a language that doesn’t speak in particular words, it speaks in emotions and has a long history, in today’s time it is not only emerging as a budding hobby but a well-developed and promising sector as well. According to the current provided statistics, Music industry in India till today, contributes upto 0.006% of the Indian GDP and alongside it employs thousands of people.

How are the new machines improved in today’s world?

Due to technological development and globalization, today anyone can try their hands at music, so if you don’t have the required instruments or if you are not a member of any band, you need not worry because now it is all available in a jiffy! There many games and apps that support karaoke software but in terms of pure amusement, the most commonly used tool is a Karaoke machine. Under the challenge, the participants show off their skills and create an atmosphere of healthy competition. Such fun loving activities are included not only in households but office as well.

Karaoke is the best challenge for you

Laughing is the best exercise and Karaoke Challenge is one of the finest ways to get your mates to laugh together, that too in abundance. It enables team building, deepens relationships by growing an emotional  and positive bond between members. Laughing and enjoying together acts like roots that binds together an undying bond between participants to forget discontent and disappointment.

It is an encouraging thing for you to do


It provides opportunity for the introverts to break open from their shells. A Karaoke machine is available in many forms , it lets a singer, sing along with pre-recorded music or its video using a microphone that is available with the machine. The music is generally an instrumental version of a song where lyrics are usually displayed on a screen, along with a moving signs, with changing colour, or music video images, to guide the active member(singer) so that you, your friends, and family can belt out your favorite pop, modern, classical or any other tune. It is convenient to use and its availability is unquestionable.

There are many companies producing such machines with unique features and codes but how would anyone know as to which of the accessible product could meet your needs and at the same time would not overburden your pocket.


Features to look for in your machine

Here are some features that you should definitely look for while buying a karaoke machine:

Size and Portability

This is a number one consideration because the living or apartment space screams for attention. Owning a big machine could cut down the sitting and dance space whereas a small one would hardly grasp anyone’s attention. If you also like to sing anywhere then you would look for the size of the karaoke machine that can also be carried away when your friends/family come over.


Durability is an important parameter for high-performance apparel because nobody likes to invest their hard-earned money into any product that does not guaranteed durability. Longer the durability, higher is the chance of purchase.

Audio Quality

What is the use of a Karaoke if it does not support good sound? The entire idea of a Karaoke revolves around the music that it produces. Higher the sound qualities of the karaoke, the more endurable the least impressive singers can be, so always check the sound quality of the audio. Ideally, choose the one that provides an audible and good tune, with boom base and outstanding performance.

Video Graphics Content

In some machines that support video can contain certain ill-suited images etc., so if there are kids at home; it is advisable to choose a karaoke machine with age-appropriate visuals, symbols and characters.

Song Catalogue

Ask for the size of the number archive or added database before deciding to buy a karaoke – regardless of which type and size of machine you choose. You also have to decide whether or not you can add more songs to the selection. Many users don’t ask for the song list before buying the product and later seem to be dissatisfied.


For added advantage, see the rating of the karaoke machine that you have selected alongside reading the comments provided by the existing users of the machine that you wish to buy. You can also reach out to your acquaintances to enquire about the product and its pros and cons beforehand.


Consulting your trusted source could help you chose the type and size that would be best suited for you.…

Which company’s gas stoves is best in India?

“Food is the most primitive form of comfort “-

Sheila Graham

Food is not just a daily chore we do to merely satisfy our physiological need to eat but also to satisfy the cravings of our soul. From a very early age we all have associated eating with comfort and feel calm and peaceful after a good meal.

For a good meal we don’t only need good culinary skills and ingredients for the food but also a good sturdy stove that can do justice to our cooking skills.

Types of stoves

  • 1 burner – gas stove with one burner best for college students, hostels, bachelors
  • 2 burner- gas stove with two burner best for couples or hostel
  • 3 burner – gas stove with three burners best for a nuclear family
  • 4 burner gas stove with 4 burners best for a family with 5-6 members

Features to keep in mind before buying a stove

  • There are two types of burners – aluminum and brass. One should go for brass as the heat distribution level is evenly spread out which means the food will be prepared thoroughly and faster also its corrosion resistant.
  • If its ISI certified-products which are certified by the ISI which is the most recognize body for approval of safety in products, signifies that the following product is fit and has all the features to be deemed as safe to use.
  • Smoothness of the product
  • Affordability-it’s very important for products to be of lower price or affordable due to the large number of middle income families in India.
  • Body design –A sleek counter top is important as it doesn’t only aesthetically pleasing but also easier to clean
  • Durability- in an Indian household its most important to have a sturdy and rigid stove
  • Takes less space- another requirement that most customers in India have is to have a compact stove to save space due to small kitchen spaces.
  • Safety- if the product is accessible by all ages. If it is simple to use.

Companies that sell stoves

  1. Elica- is an Italian brand which has made a decent reputation in the Indian market over a small period of time.
  2. Pigeon- India’s largest gas stove manufacturing company.
  3. Everyday-This Company is known for delivering sturdy stoves with long term durability.
  4. Glen-One of the most famous stove company in India.
  5. Sun flame- this company was known to have the best budget stoves in 2018. Even though the prices of the stoves are low but for almost 30 years now sun flame has been providing customers with reliable products.
  6. Life long – was known to be best stove company for cheap gas stove but good quality in 2018. The company is only 3 years old and has already earned a good reputation in the market competing with other big brands.
  7. Prestige- one of India’s most used and trusted companies. Known for its sturdy, tough stoves their burners ensure uniform level of heat distribution.

Best received gas stove company in India

There are many brands with top quality burner and low prices with all the features that an Indian family requires. But out of all of them Prestige has been known to be the best received stove company in India. Prestige is most famous for their three burner gas stove. It accommodates family of four easily and due to equal and balanced heat distribution it efficiently cooks food in no time.


  • ISI marked-marked safe to use.
  • Sleek design
  • Easy to clean
  • Strong Glass Top body- said to be shock proof and doesn’t shatter on falling
  • Affordable – range from 5,000 to 21,000rs
  • Fit for Indian households
  • Great advertising and marketing
  • Spill proof- easy to clean
  • Compact- perfect size for small kitchen spaces
  • Easy to use- due to its simple design and firm grip knob
  • Durable and rigid with long term guarantee with warranty card

In the last five years prestige has made high sales with high demand, good reviews of customers but that not all it is also due to their smart marketing and advertising strategy. Prestige caught the customer’s eye with their advertisements which did away with gender stereotyping ads which most companies in India do.

Prestige has chosen the famous couple stars-

Mrs. Aishwarya Rai and Mr.Abhishek Bacchan as their brand Ambassadors. one of their most well received ads feature both the actors where they tries implying that kitchen is not only restricted to women and also by associating positive emotions by showing a real couples happy image to the audience.

It was due to the clever use of consumer psychology and a solid designing team that the company is so successful today. They have also been awarded with Master brand, Retail Excellence and power brand award.

Looking at the the features to be considered and the features of prestige we can say it is an ideal product for the customers.

Above is the poster of prestige’s new age eye catching advertising staring : Mrs.Aishwarya Rai and Mr. Abhishek Bacchan.


It’s a tough choice for stove buying customers today with company coming up with such competitive prices and features with each product. Customers usually go for Sun flame, Elica and Butterfly but Prestige is said to be the best company in India as it is a perfect fit for an Indian household- Compact, affordable, sleek, easy to use and long term use guarantee.…

Best Piano Bench Reviews (for Kids, Adults)

How important is the place you sit while playing/practicing music? Many don’t give much consideration to this, but where you sit is deceptively important, especially for hours of music practice. It’s not some unnecessary expense, as some of you may think. If you are not comfortable on your seat, it adversely affects your performance. Piano Benches can be distinguished based on the following standards:

  • Adjustable and Non-Adjustable piano bench.
  • Hard seat and soft padded seat piano bench.
  • Double Piano bench.

Now let’s check out some of the best Piano Benches for Kids and Adults.

1.Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard X-Style Bench

Distributed by Yamaha Corporation, PKBB1 Adjustable Bench is a thick and cosy stool. It maintains stability under most weights. You can raise the height of the stool upto 19.5 inches using the adjustable feature. The model everyone should buy is one with artificial leather padded with extra wide edges. In that way, it’s very comfortable. It’s easy to fold, consumes very little space, and is available at an affordable price.

2.Korg PC500-BK

It’s a typical looking bench that has a padded seat and a wooden finish. There is a compartment for keeping your instruments and music sheets below the seat. Korg PC500-BK comes with the advantage of a low-price. Usually, other benches with similar features cost a lot more. It’s simple, elegant, and easy-to-handle.

3.Tenive Dual Padded Wooden Artist Piano Music Keyboard Bench

Tenive Dual is simple in its design and is very comfortable to sit. The frames are constructed from sturdy wood, and legs are given rubber feet, thus preventing any damage on the floor. The seat has a soft synthetic layer, which is spread over a padded cushion. The seat is extra-large, and it’s best advised to use it, one person at a time. So as to experience the freedom of movement and comfort.

There is a storage compartment present when lifting the seat. It can be used for keeping musical sheets and instruments. Tenive Dual is very easy to install, and you can adjust its height to your convenience.

4.Flexzion Piano Bench- Keyboard Bench Height Adjustable

Flexzion Piano bench is a very good choice for kids who are practicing music. The good thing is you don’t have to empty your pockets to get this high quality bench. It’s height-adjustable and easily portable, thus making it easy to carry while traveling. It’s also very durable, so you don’t have the hassle to buy a new one every couple of years.

5.SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench

SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench is made of a black frame compressed wood with a leather padded seat providing good comfort. It can support weight upto 310lbs. It comes with an easy-to-assemble kit taking no more than 15 minutes to set up. The bolt assembly provides much needed sturdiness to its legs, preventing it from collapsing on the floor. It has a storage compartment underneath where you can keep your music materials and sheets.

6.Caraya Double Duet Piano Bench Padded Tufted Fabric Seat

Caraya Double Duet Piano Bench breaks the usual pattern by being beige In colour instead of black. The beige colour gives it a retro, sophisticated look that many will appreciate. It’s made of solid wood and has a sturdy base. It doesn’t harm the floors as it has pads attached to its feet. Due to its aesthetic quality, this is an ideal choice for places like the church choir, Fancy bars, luxury restaurants.

7.Griffin Double Brown Leather Piano Bench

Griffin Double Brown Leather Piano is a great choice if you wanna conduct a duet. This bench provides enough space for two people to work comfortably. It has a very classy design, comprising of a solid wooden frame and a smooth cushion made from synthetic leather, making it beautiful to look at. This makes it a perfect choice for a church choir group or a recording studio. It has a storage compartment right under its seat where you can keep music sheets.

8.World Tour Deluxe Padded Keyboard Bench

World Tour Deluxe is a very good choice if you are looking for a piano bench for your kid. It has a very comfortable seat that can reduce fatigue caused by practising piano for hours. The sitting area is pretty spacious, allowing freedom of movement. It is constructed using a steel frame, which allows it to withstand heavy duty use and renders itself amazing durability.


To maintain a good posture while you practise music is very important. For that, you need a piano bench with features to provide you comfort. Piano benches of different styles, designs, costs are available in the market. You just have to do some mild research to find out which one suits you the best.…

Best Plastic chair set to buy in India

Looking for a good quality chair? Why worry, if the plastic chair has been invented. Be it a function or any event, be it an office or residence, it is very easy to find plastic chairs at each and every place. The quality and the features of the plastic chair makes it more unique from other chairs. They are also referred to as monoblock chairs and are made up of thermoplastic polypropelene.

Why Plastic Chairs are important?

It is needless to say that the plastic chair is highly demanded in the market. The advantages of plastic chairs make it more qualitative. Here are some advantages of a plastic chair.

  1. Economical:- It is cheap and best. It is cheaper than the chairs made up of other materials like metal or wood. Plastic chairs are the cheapest and stylish.
  2. Comfortable:- Plastic chairs are comfortable in use. It can be made at a very low cost without any additional charges.
  3. Durability:- It is highly durable. It does not break easily if handled roughly or dropped mistakenly.
  4. Maintenance:- Plastic chairs require low maintenance as compared to other chairs made up of wood or any metal.
  5. Promotes afforestation:- The making of wooden furniture requires wood which results in deforestation. But plastic chairs do not require any wood. Hence, it promotes afforestation at a very mass scale.
  6. Rust-free:- Plastic chairs are rust-free. They are waterproof in nature and do not crack or rust even if left in rain.

Various Types of Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are differentiated on the basis of the type of plastic used in it’s making it a very large amount. Some of the types of plastic chairs are described below:-

  1. Thermosets:- These are basically formed by heating but they are also like concrete. It means that it cannot be reshaped once shaped. For example:- polythene, acrylic, PVC. Etc.
  2. Thermoplastic:- It is soft in nature and it can easily be moulded and remoulded. For example:- Bakelite, melamine, etc.
  3. Acrylic:- It is very thick and can be straightforward.
  4. PVC:- It is very hard, stiff and tough plastic. It is used for so many flexible applications.
  5. Polypropelene:- It is waxy in nature. It can be moulded and remoulded again and again. This type of plastic never breaks.
  6. Melamine:- It is a thermoset which is intense and warm safe.

Uses of Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are more in demand than chairs made up of any other material. It is available easy anywhere in the market. Plastic chairs are widely used in commercial areas or residential areas. The basic use of a chair is to sit on it comfortably. Some plastic chairs are not comfortable to sit because of the use of low quality of plastic. Some light and low quality of plastic are used in the making of plastic chairs which reduces the durability of it. So before purchasing any plastic chair, it is advised to look at the quality of plastic used in it. Otherwise, the consumer may not enjoy the advantages of a good plastic chair.

Other Uses of Plastic

Plastic is not only used in making chairs. It has multiple uses. For example:- PVC is also used in plastic sheeting or plumbing. Phenolics are used as adhesive for furniture. Polyester is used to create fabrics. Thermosets are used in the furniture industry. Polyurethane foams are used in cushioning furniture items.

Body Posture while sitting

The thing which should be kept in mind is the Body posture. Wrong body posture often leads to back pain and muscular pain in the lower portion of the back. The body should be straight while sitting. The person sitting on it is advised not to lean or slouch on the table. Otherwise, it may lead to severe back pain issue. While sitting on the chair, continuously looking at the screen of the phone may lead to pain in the neck portion. Sometimes it causes terrible headache. The leg should be resting on the ground perfectly. It should not swing in the air. This may result in muscular pain in the lower portion of the leg.

All the above-mentioned precautions should be taken while sitting on the chair and body posture is something which should be given attention every time. If the posture of the body is not kept in mind then it may lead to serious health problems that will force a person to move to and fro to the hospital.

Hence, plastic chairs are simply available in the market at a very low cost. It is highly durable and portable. Plastic chairs do not need heavy maintenance. The lustrous appearance of the plastic chair makes it more attractive. It is very comfortable. There are basically two types of plastics available. They are Thermosets and thermoplastics. They are not only used for making chairs but has several other applications. The body posture is the most crucial fact which should be given proper attention. Before purchasing any plastic chair, the quality of the materials used in it should be checked. Sometimes low-quality plastics are used in making plastic chairs. Use if lie quality plastic degrades the durability of the chair. The plastic chair is affordable for everyone. New designs and models have made it more and more attractive and impressive. So, if someone comes to your house and you want to chat with them in an open environment, then spreading plastic chairs in the lawn can not be a bad option.…